Meeting Programs

Due to COVID-19 all CoSEA meetings are currently Zoom or Webinar meetings.  We encourage members to gather in small, locally convenient, socially distant compliant groups to jointly view the CoSEA Zoom meeting and Continuing Education Webinar. For example, 4 to 10 tax return preparers in the same zip code gather at one of their offices with wifi, and everyone brings their laptop to join in.  Before and/or after the CoSEA Zoom meeting and Webinar the group share a meal and/or conversation about the meeting topics and other tax return preparation related issues.

Board Meeting – 4:30 to 5:30 pm

Board meetings are open to all CoSEA members, We are currently looking for individuals to become more involved with CoSEA.  To volunteer please contact any current CoSEA Leader.

General Membership Zoom Conversation  – 5:30 to 6:00 pm
November gathering includes annual election

Upcoming Meetings & Events

PTIN Reminder…
In order to ensure your CE is correctly reported to the IRS, your complete name and PTIN must match that of your IRS account. PTIN’s must begin with the letter P followed by an 8 digit number. If your name and PTIN do not match your exact information as registered with the IRS, you will receive a certificate, but your credits will not be reported to the IRS.

Meeting Speakers

CoSEA continuing education credits are usually from workshops lead by fellow CoSEA members.  If you have a passion or expertise you wish to share, get your continuing education credit by teaching your fellow CoSEA members.  Please let the Education Committee know about your topic.  Likewise, if there are topics you want to learn more about, contact the Education Committee.